Monday, August 26, 2013

Ice cream on 114

Yesterday I attended the Antique & Classic Boat Show in Salem, and then stopped at Chandlers on Route 114 for ice cream.  I enjoyed a huge cone of peppermint stick ice cream while my husband savored a hot fudge sundae.

Stopping along 114 for ice cream was a strong tradition in my family.  My father especially liked ice cream, and he frequently traveled this route to and from Marblehead, where he raced his 16' sloop PAL.  I often was part of his sailing crew.  If we had won the race that day, we needed to stop, of course, and celebrate with ice cream.  If we had lost the race, my father said we needed ice cream to compensate, and to lift our spirits.

Sometimes we stopped at Treadwell's and sometimes we stopped at Chandler's. We enjoyed the ice cream cones at both places.  I'm delighted to see that both are still in business on this well-travelled route to Danvers. (Both are located in Peabody.)

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