Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tiddlywinks Golf

The Danvers Herald published my column on tiddlywinks golf in mid-January. See

I had written and submitted the piece while I was in the midst of planning an event featuring a different kind of indoor golf.  Memories of playing my father's version of golf kept coming to mind, so I took a brief pause and wrote that column, submitting it with a photo of the hooked rug crucial to the game.

Not until today did I check to learn whether the Herald had actually accepted my submission. I'm pleased to see that the rug photo (taken in 1942, when that hooked rug was new) was included in their online posting.  I don't know how it looked in the printed paper, as I don't see that edition.  I live far from Danvers, and gave up on the paper subscription years back, realizing that I rarely had time to look at the issues; my priority each morning is to read the newspaper(s) covering my current community.

Lack of time, sufficient time to follow-up on many interesting things, is a theme in my life. You might say that my problem stems from having too many interests.  'Way too many, I confess.  Band rehearsals, library meetings, band gigs, writing group at the Senior Center, community meetings – plenty of action/distraction each week.

And I'm STILL busy planning a miniature golf event that will happen April 9 - just one month from today. It is a new fundraiser for our public library, being organized by the Friends of the Library, of which I have been President since last August. Recruiting sponsors for the event, especially for each of the 18 "holes," has been my task. This is indoor golf on a large scale, much larger than the old hooked rug in Danvers. Five levels of our newly-expanded public library will be included in the golf course!  We hope hundreds of people, especially young children, will come and have fun.

So, I've been ignoring this Danvers blog, and failing to write more columns for the Herald, because I'm having too much fun focusing on Mini Golf in the Library!  If curious, you may learn more via this web address: