Monday, November 26, 2007

Familiar buildings on Rte 62, Hathorne

This fall I traveled along Route 62 with a carload of out-of-state visitors touring New England and noticed, among many changes, several familiar old buildings. No trace, of course, of the old one-room schoolhouse, but I did see the old post office my family had used for so many years. I was happy to discover that the Hathorne Post Office was still there and functioning as a post office.

I asked the driver to pause briefly so I could take a few photos.

This was my first visit to Danvers since January 2000 and my first time by the post office in decades. I stepped inside and was delighted to see that it looked much the way I remembered. The old familiar boxes have been preserved!

Next door to the Post Office is another familiar building -- former home of my father's business, Nichols & Clark, Inc., which manufactured UNEX hearing aids. He purchased that building (a former fruit stand) from another location and moved it here in the 1950's.

I will write more about these buildings and associated memories soon.