Thursday, January 31, 2019


Look what I found recently on a table in a game room in Easthampton, MA.  Memories of playing Skittles with Daddy came rushing back.  What fun we used to have playing Skittles! 

I immediately grabbed the wooden spinner, wound the string around it, placed it at the start, and pulled  -- just as we used to do. Ah, the sound of that wooden top careening around and knocking down pins! 

This Skittles set is smaller than the one we had had in Danvers, but it worked as expected. I was happy to see it and try it again. This was an unexpected joy, discovered just as I was about to leave. I'd come to the place to play one round of mini golf and to speak with the owner about whether his business might contribute to a local library fundraiser. The mini golf was fun, as expected; the rediscovery of Skittles  – which I had not thought of in YEARS – was an extra treat.  

Do YOU remember Skittles?  Did you ever play Skittles with my family in Danvers?  It was a fixture in our home at 121 Nichols Street for many years. We must have acquired it sometime after 1957 (when that house was built), perhaps in 1958-1960 period.