Thursday, August 22, 2013

Danvers Archival Center

The Danvers Archival Center has recently redone their website, which you can find at

I recommend the article, "Discovering Paul Revere in a Dried Prune Box," written by Richard Trask, Town Archivist.   I enjoyed reading it, and thought of my experiences peering into dusty old boxes long stored in attics.

One never knows what treasures or curiosities will emerge.

A few weeks ago while looking for something else, I happened to find a folder of papers related to my summer employment in 1962.  Why did I still have that old paperwork?  Opening one folded sheet of paper, I saw the clear instruction on the top line: KEEP CARBON COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS. I guess I followed that instruction pretty well!  That old piece of paper jogged my memory, triggering a column topic for this month: "Creating with carbon paper."

I haven't had time this month to continue the sorting of old family papers (see previous post). In fact several months may pass before I'll have time to indulge in reading the old family writings.  I know those boxes contain much Danvers history.  I'll certainly stay in contact with the Danvers Archival Center to share information about any Danvers-related 'treasures' I find in the process.

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