Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Pine Knoll ca.1917


For better quality image, see note marked * below.

This copy of an old photo of Pine Knoll was sent to me with a Christmas card years ago (1998?). I just re-discovered it this week as I thumbed through old photo albums looking for something else. 

With it came a typewritten document of 4 pages, with several handwritten notes at the bottom of page 4:

"Christmas Greetings from Florence and Jack Lord" 

"Picture probably taken by Charlie Osgood in 1917 of Florence learning to ride Aunt Oda's English bicycle on the western Avenue."

"Earl and Betty Clay assisted with copying and mailing logistics."

I assume this mailing was sent to many other Nichols relatives. I will make inquiries and see if I can learn more. I do recognize all the names in these notes, and know, sadly, that none are still living today. I wish I'd paid more attention at that time to family history and stories. 

The document, written by "M. E. Nichols  January 4, 1948," is not related to this photograph, but tells much about the early history of this home, which we called "Pine Knoll," and the trees and other plants  included in the landscaping. Andrew Nichols created this homestead in 1861. M.E. Nichols is Mary Eliot Nichols, his daughter, whom I knew as my great aunt, "Aunt May."

The address of this home was 98 Preston Street, Danvers. This view is from the Preston Street side. Beyond the house was a knoll of pine trees, and beyond that, the Newburyport Turnpike. This homestead was said to be near the halfway point between Boston and Newburyport.

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