Sunday, November 27, 2016

Putnam Pantry

On November 9, 2016, I had the opportunity to introduce my grandson to Putnam Pantry.  He was visiting New England from his home in CA, and had just turned 11.  I treated him to a Sundae.

I also told him a bit of the history of the place.
We drove by General Israel Putnam's house as we left, and I repeated the oft-told story about his command at the Battle of Bunker Hill, "Don't shoot 'til you see the whites of their eyes." A few days later Mateo and his mother took a tour of Bunker Hill, and he was excited to tell me that he recognized that quote. 

In September, after my high school reunion and a quick tour around my old neighborhood, now so changed as to be unrecognizable, I had written, "At least Putnam Pantry is still there, still in business."  It was a joy to bring my grandson there. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I am thankful this week for Danvers connections.  I have harvested the very last of my garden crop: Danvers Half-Long Carrots.  See photos below.  They are small, but oh, so very tasty!  I am savoring each one. 

Tomorrow I will be traveling north to visit with some very special people who were significant in my growing-up years in Danvers:

  • Pat and Chuck Poirier, who lived at the corner of Nichols St and Durkee Circle, and welcomed neighborhood children into their home for fun craft projects, especially puppet-making.
  • Janet Nichols Derouin, who lived with her young family at 123 Nichols St (near to my home), and then lived on Durkee Circle from 1959 to 1964.  She and Pat became very close friends.
My husband and I will join Pat and Chuck for a Thanksgiving meal in Concord, NH, where they now live.  Pat doesn't know it yet, but I plan to bring along the puppets I made at her house long ago.  I want to see the surprise on her face. Pat is almost 90, and I haven't seen her in years.

On Friday we'll be in Bridgton, Maine, celebrating Janet's 87th birthday. She lives there with her younger son Mont. Her husband Jed Derouin died in 2006.  Janet is my first cousin, and we have been in communication via email and phone calls over the years, but in-person visits are rare.  I last saw her in the spring of 2013.  She has kept in touch with Pat and Chuck.