Sunday, February 22, 2009

School photos

Here's a Richmond Junior High class photo from 1955-56, my 7th grade year. I guess I missed the photo day, because I'm not in this one. Or perhaps this wasn't my home room? These faces are very familiar to me, however. Do you recognize anyone here? Note on the back: Miss Doherty's Home Room.

Do you remember the Friday night dances at Richmond Junior High? I'll be writing a few memories of "Canteen" in my next column.

I was trying to find a 7th grade photo of me, but instead I found this school photo from 10th grade, Holton High School Room 28, 1958-59.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Potholes in winter

This month I have written about the potholes near my childhood home. Icy conditions made them worse. See

Potholes and Patches on Nichols Street

Note: the section of Nichols Street that I describe has been rebuilt and renamed. It is now called Conifer Hill Drive. I hope its pavement is in better condition, without potholes.