Sunday, June 29, 2014

Red Flannel Hash

In an airport in Minnesota, I encountered this dish:

I promptly wrote a column about it:  Rediscovering Red Flannel Hash

I hadn't thought of Red Flannel Hash in ages, not since my mother prepared it in Danvers long ago. Her version was not so bright red. She used more potatoes, so the look was pink, not red.

Last week at my sister's home in New Mexico we looked through an old recipe file box that had belonged to our mother.  Inside I found this clipping about red flannel hash:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rotary dial telephone

The Danvers Historical Society, for "3rd Grade History Week," requested donations of old items such as rotary dial phones and 45rpm record players. I've been invited to an exhibit tomorrow June 25, 4-6pm: "Exploring 125 years of Danvers History." Wish I could attend, but I'm in New Mexico. I've been visiting my sister Jean, who lives in the mountains of northern NM, and still has a rotary dial phone.
   So this week I've had occasion to USE a rotary dial!  It does take longer to dial the numbers, especially the 8s and 9s. A familiar process for those of my age.
    I wonder what my grandson, who is about to be a 3rd grader, would think?  I was visiting his home in CA recently.  No rotary dial phones in evidence there.