Monday, December 21, 2020

Locust Lawn Club patch


Last week, when I opened an envelope from a childhood friend, I was surprised and delighted to find this wool felt patch inside. 

This gift triggered many fond memories of skiing at Locust Lawn, and memories of my father, who founded the Locust Lawn Club and built the ski tows there. He probably designed this patch, too, though I'm unsure about how and when this patch was created. 

I confess that I don't recall seeing this patch before.  That's the biggest surprise to me. (Is my memory fading, or was this patch designed after I had grown up and moved on?)  My sister Jean, two years younger, does remember it.

Please add comments, below, if you have memories of this patch.  Thank you. 

About 20 years ago I began writing about Locust Lawn skiing in order to fill in a gap on the NELSAP website. The organizers of NELSAP (New England Lost Ski Areas Project) were identifying abandoned ski areas by hiking over hills and looking for evidence of old ski trials and remains of ski lift equipment. Since the Locust Lawn ski hill had been bulldozed and removed in 1971 to make way for Rte 95, I knew that no hikers would ever find it. Thus, I submitted a short report and also created a supplemental webpage with links to many photographs.  

Receipt of this patch prompted me to re-visit the NELSAP website. A photo of the Locust Lawn Club patch (same design, also a bit moth-eaten) now tops the Locust Lawn page! It is fun to see what other people have contributed. See

You'll find a link there to my original LL webpage, which looks very plain and old-fashioned, by today's standards. But it still tells the history: