Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Variegated leaves

I recall unusual leaves on some of the maple trees by the old barn on the hill above our home in Danvers. Each fall they turned bright colors, as maple trees typically do, but the colors were in mixed patches of red and yellow. No two leaves were exactly the same. Most leaves had some of each color, in patterns that seemed random, haphazard. The overall effect was beautiful, intensifying the color, with both reds and yellows shimmering in the sun. 

Every year those particular trees again produced variegated leaves of red and yellow.

I live now in western Massachusetts, and there's a similar tree on our street.  I love its variegated leaves, so reminiscent of those trees near the Danvers barn.  Here are photos from this week:

Recently I wrote a poem about the fall foliage, inspired by colorful trees I saw as I drove along a local road.

Fireworks in slow motion
A burst of brilliant reds
Large sphere reaching skyward
Shimmering in the autumn breeze.
Next an oval, golden, gleaming;
I gasp at the glory of the spectacle.
This routine road transformed
To performance space
As tree after tree displays its colors.
I marvel at the outward spreading geometry
Thankful that each color burst lingers
longer than fireworks of July.
Particles of color fall earthward, landing safely,
Creating carpets of many hues.
I savor the beauty, and the quiet.
Sandy Nichols Ward