Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Back at home, I harvested some carrots I had planted this summer. Until now, most have been disappointingly small and stubby. This time I pulled up one very well-shaped carrot.

Of course these are Danvers Half Long carrots!

Very tasty, too.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Visiting Danvers

I'm visiting Danvers today and tomorrow. Intrigued by a notice in the Danvers Herald about a program at the Danvers Historical Society, I marked my calendar weeks ago, and made plans to drive across the state. I'm so glad I came! I enjoyed a visit this afternoon to the remarkable Richmond-Holton Middle School, and then drove along some once-familiar streets to see what might have changed and what I might recognize. I've taken photographs and notes, generating ideas for future columns. Stay tuned! I especially enjoyed a walk through the woods at the College Pond Conservation Area -- a beautiful place to be on a sunny autumn afternoon.
Tonight's program, "Gone But Not Forgotten, The Indians who lived in what is now Danvers" by Glenn Mairo, was well-attended and well-received. I decided to join the Danvers Historical Society (now in its 120th year!). My grandfather would be proud.