Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Earl Clay

I have fond memories of Earl Clay, who taught Geography in the Danvers public schools. I recall him in the Richmond Jr. High building next to Holton High.  Remember his classes?  Or remember him as Coach?

I also knew him as a relative, married to my cousin Betty Nichols Clay. Through family members yesterday I learned of his passing, at age 93, on April 11, 2019.  Betty had died last summer. We'll miss them both -- a wonderful loving couple. 

In October 2017 I enjoyed an afternoon visit with Earl and Betty in their home on Nichols Street. We had a delightful time sharing stories and laughing over past events.

Here is a link to Earl's obituary:

Here's a photo from 10 years ago, when I and other relatives (from Idaho and New Hampshire) were visiting with Earl, left, and Betty, right, at their Danvers home:

May 23, 2019: Earl Clay, Bruce & Nancy Dreher, Emily Haggerty, Betty Clay