Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maple season

The first day of March!  I think of maple trees and the sweet smell of boiling down the sap to make maple syrup.

This old photo (1947?) isn't very clear, but I instantly recognize the pointed hood (and furry trim) of my little snow jacket, the metal cans we used to collect sap, the steam rising from the pan, and the location. We were in the rubble-strewn foundation of the old Locust Lawn mansion that had been torn down in 1944. This spot later was transformed into my mother's sunken garden, but for most of my childhood it was the place where Mommy boiled down the maple sap and made our syrup.  In March 2008 I wrote a column about Making Our Own Maple Syrup;  I'm pleased to see that it is still accessible on the newspaper's website.

Speaking of March and earlier columns, today is the 5th anniversary of publication of my very first "Remembering Danvers" column in the Danvers Herald.  That column is still accessible online:  Skating Backwards.  

[2015 update: the links to my older columns on the newspaper's website no longer work. Their indexing/archiving has changed, or perhaps the older content has been deleted. I am now incorporating copies of my previous columns into this blog to replace the broken links. You may use the search box, above left, to find the topic, e.g., "skating backwards" or "syrup."  Or you may look into the blog chronologically, e.g., select the year 2008 from the menu on right, and open March to select the maple syrup entry.]

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