Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today I'm sitting at my desk contemplating what I will write for the next column.  Something about springtime... snowdrops and skunk cabbage and other wonders of early spring... that's what I'm thinking. I've been collecting ideas and making notes for at least a week.  Soon, very soon, I should begin to write. On my computer screen, distracting me, is a website that contains a live video:

I have just watched in amazement as a nesting bald eagle stood up and revealed two fluffy eaglets and a not-yet-hatched egg beneath her!  Then she fed scraps of meat to one of the eaglets. Yesterday I had caught a glimpse of one tiny eaglet beside two eggs. The night before I observed three eggs. Today the adult fed scraps of meat to one of the eaglets.

I can see from the website that over 50,000 viewers are currently connected to this webcam in Illinois.  So I am not the only one who is distracted by this miracle of nature, and the miracle of the webcam technology that brings it to us.

P.S. On March 30 I discovered an even more widely watched webcam focused on another eagles' nest (in Iowa) -- over 600,000 viewers while the eggs hatched there March 19-24. You can now watch the eaglets grow:

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