Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer birthday

I've just returned from a visit with my sister Jean at her home in New Mexico, where we celebrated her birthday. In the pile of mail that accumulated during my absence, I found an invitation for the 50th Class Reunion of the Holten High Class of 1961! I look forward to attending this reunion, which, coincidently, will be happening on my birthday weekend, July 8-10, this summer.

For this month's column I've written about my memories of having birthdays in the summer. 

Here I am at a July birthday party long ago. Ray Dirks is at my right... Janet Hoberg is at the end of the bench on the right side.  I can see my sister Jean's blond bangs, 5th or 6th? girl on the left.

Can YOU identify any of the other faces?

Here is another photo of the same party, as we were acting out for the camera:

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Katley said...

I always thought having a summer birthday was cool. Mine fell at the end of the school year, which made it even more of a celebration.

My son, on the other hand has a birthday in the middle of August, and the hardest thing was getting enough of his friends together for a party, since just about everyone seems to leave town that time of year. If only one or of his two friends were around I'd invite them out for mini-golf, and then to the house for cake and ice cream. That worked pretty well.