Thursday, December 30, 2010

My father's camera

In my recent search for photos of the Christmas trees of my childhood, I found instead my father's old camera!  

I remember this camera clearly.  It popped open, with accordion-like folds, when Daddy prepared to take a picture.

The old camera had been stored in a box with lots of old photos, but unfortunately no photos of our early Christmases were included.

The camera is still in pretty good shape.  It's a Jiffy Kodak Six-20, which used 620-roll film. It was made by the Eastman Kodak company in the 1930s.

I opened it gingerly and took these photos of it to share here.

This camera even had a little stand and a setting for delaying the shutter, so that my father could set it up and then run to join us in the picture.  He liked to do that!

 I have written this month's column about Daddy's camera and my discovery of why there are so few photos of the inside of our home.

See Remembering my father's camera.

I also found a little instruction booklet that accompanied the camera.  In the back is a PRICE LIST!  A roll of film cost 25 cents and contained 8 exposures.    


Katley said...

I remember tbe Brownie box camera that my parents owned back in the 1950's. It was clunky and had a flash attachment to be used in places where there wasn't enough natural light. It used flash bulbs and when they went off, the flash was bright enough to wake up the dead.
(BTW Happy New Year!)

Sandy said...

I remember a "Brownie Starflash" camera with a flash built into the top of it. That was my first camera, given to me for Christmas 1957.