Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

Today, the first Thursday of the month, is the expected time for publication of my "Remembering Danvers" column.   But this month you'll have to wait another week.  Sorry!  Both Cathryn O'Hare, Danvers Herald Editor, and I had our hands full with other projects and agreed to postpone my column.

You could re-read older columns, for example this seasonal one from 2008: High water in spring...

But some previous year links no longer worked this week, I discovered. Oops.   Cathryn assures me that the older columns are still online; she was able to view the ones I couldn't see.  The problem turned out to be the form of the link from this blog to their site.   One by one, I'll need to re-edit those older links to conform to the current practice used there.  I feel foolish that I had used a shorter address in each link.

 If you encounter an error page saying "This item no longer exists," please let me know.
   Thanks!    --  Sandy

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