Sunday, March 28, 2010


While visiting my daughter and her family in California this month, I joined them on a hike in a large park.  Rivulets of water ran down some trails; waterfalls and bright green grass sparkled in the sun.   It was a beautiful day.  A ditch beside a gravel road brimmed with water from recent rains.

"Tadpoles," my daughter said.  "There might be tadpoles."  We stared into the water, but I thought it was too early, and this shallow ditch seemed too transient a place for frog eggs to develop into tadpoles.   The dark leaves submerged underwater did remind me of the environment at the edge of the pond in Danvers where I had found tadpoles years ago.

Suddenly a ripple crossed the water. Something black had darted just below the surface. Then another, and another!  That ditch was teaming with tadpoles!   My four-year old grandson and I enjoyed watching them.   I wished I had a pail to capture some, as we used to do in Danvers.  What a fun springtime memory!  I resolved to write my next column (for April) about watching tadpoles in Danvers.

[Note added later:  I did write the column.  Bringing tadpoles home was published online April 9, 2010.]

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