Thursday, January 31, 2008

News article about Nichols & Clark

I have found an old newspaper article that gives the identity of Mr. Clark. It is undated, but I assume it is 1939 or 1940.

"... it took two enterprising Danvers young men to utilize the very latest in radio equipment in developing a device which according to recent tests should prove a boon to the many unfortunate people who are hard of hearing, and who because of limited financial means have been unable to procure adequate hearing devices.
The two men in question are Nathan P. Nichols of Preston st., Hathorne, who also recently developed a portable ski tow, and Leslie A. Clark of 26 School st. Working together since about last Christmas these two men, both of whom have had considerable experience in radio engineering have developed a marketable hearing aid which is reputed to be the first low cost wearable hearing device using the new radio tube amplifier."

[To see the whole text, click here for more legible version.]

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