Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Nathan P. Nichols

As I awoke today and considered the date, January 8th, memories of my father quickly surfaced. So many memories! January 8 was his birthday. I thought of adding a photo of him here, on this Danvers blog, to mark this day.

Nathan P. Nichols (1912-1996)

This photograph may trigger memories in the minds of other Danvers people who knew him in his role as a businessman, owner of a Danvers business. I've written previously on this blog about his company and shared some of his own stories about his working life, but this photo had not yet been posted. I chose it from a large 3-ring binder in which I've collected and retained many photos and articles about my father.

I'd welcome comments from people who remember his work in Danvers.

I know he was an active and loyal member of the Rotary Club of Danvers, attending Rotary luncheons regularly. He hated to miss a Rotary meeting. If traveling away from Danvers, he'd seek out another Rotary luncheon to attend. (He enjoyed having a perfect attendance record, and told us that by attending a Rotary meeting elsewhere he'd get some 'credit' to replace a missed Danvers meeting.)

To find my previous blog entries about my father, you can use the Search box, upper right. Today I typed in "Nathan" and up came many entries, including ones about the Nichols and Clark company, which made hearing aids and other products in Danvers. For example, this one includes his own words about that company and how he got into that business:
   In His Words: My Father's Business

You can also search on keywords "Nick" (as he preferred to be called) or "Daddy" to bring up more entries in which I've mentioned him.

For more PHOTOS, I invite you to see my albums on SmugMug, a photo-sharing site:
   Nichols & Clark, Inc.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy-
Your Dad hired me for one of my first paying jobs--cutting the grass at your house. I used to run into him at the Danvers Plaza where I'd go to use the side of the Almy's store as a "bang board" to practice tennis----he would be doing the same thing. I would often encounter him again at the Danvers town tennis courts in the evening playing with friends. I believe my brother John crewed a few times in your Dad's sailboat during Marblehead race week. Good memories!

Paul Clay

Sandy said...

Hi Paul-
Thanks for sharing your memories of my father. He certainly loved playing tennis. I recall the day that he found his old white tennis shorts from long ago (college? prep school?), and tried them on, exclaiming happily that they still FIT! He was resuming tennis, at invitation of a sailing friend in Salem who had a tennis court in his yard; I don't think he had played for decades since student days. He certainly played LOTS of tennis from then on, until almost 80 yrs old.

I have good memories of your father, who was one of my teachers (Geography, of course) in Richmond Junior High. In more recent years, on my occasional trips to Danvers, I enjoyed visiting both your parents in their home. We had fun swapping stories adn reminiscing.

I'd love to have your email address or phone number (privately -- not via this Comment area on this public website). Please use the "form" link that you'll find in the sentence under my photo on this blog. That form sends the message to my personal email. I'll then be able to email you back, to provide my direct contact info. I'll be traveling south in a few weeks... Maybe our paths could cross.