Wednesday, July 4, 2018

July 4th memories

I have memories of large family gatherings at Pine Knoll for the Fourth of July. We sat outdoors in the shade of the large pines beside that old house, and visited with the great aunts May and Margaret Nichols, who still lived in that house where they had grown up. A beautifully carved watermelon looked like a basket with a large handle; inside the rind/basket was a delicious assortment of cut fruit. There were of course many other foods served this picnic, and many cousins and other relatives in attendance. As a small girl I barely knew who was who, except that they were all somehow related to us, part of this extended family with connections to this old-fashioned house on the pine knoll in the Hathorne section of Danvers.

I've written before about my memories of Pine Knoll, including tales of July 4th.  (Use the Search Box, upper left, with keywords "july fourth" or Pine Knoll, to find my previous posts.)

Today, instead of repeating those tales, I'm reflecting about how much more I now know, and appreciate, about the family history. For many months this year I have been immersed in "The Pine Knoll Story" – a long book-draft compiled and written by my cousin Janet Nichols Derouin. With her permission, I've been making some edits and preparing the files for sharing. Yesterday I was puzzling out possible designs for a new website on which to post illustrations and charts (e.g., genealogy) to accompany the written story. Stay tuned. I'll announce the site if/when I get it created.

Many family descendants who recall those Fourth of July picnics at Pine Knoll may be interested in the back story, of how and when and why that homestead was built, and the love-story leading to the 1861 marriage of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Nichols, who had 8 children at Pine Knoll.


kelly Estes said...

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Unknown said...

Dear Sandy, please let me know when "The Pine Knoll Story" is published. I will love to buy a copy. Thanks, Pete

Sandy said...

Thanks Pete for your interest in "The Pine Knoll Story." I regret that I haven't had time in recent months to do any more work on this project. It was on my mind today, even before I received your comment, because today (November 25) is the birthday of Janet Derouin, who started this project many years ago. In July she sent me some better photographs to include.

I'll announce on this blog when the story becomes available for public viewing. It will probably be via a website where you can download the text (in Parts) and view illustrations and accompanying genealogical charts. It won't be a commercially-published book to buy. The text of Part 1 is ready, but I haven't yet added the accompanying figures. Once I get those uploaded, I'll invite family members to review that Part, first, before I proceed to next steps.

I hope you can be patient. This may take a while!