Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Danvers Women's Association

In 1902, when the Danvers Women's Association held its 20th anniversary, Miss Mary Ward Nichols was its President. She lived in Danvers at 98 Preston Street with her brother Andrew Nichols, his wife Lizzie (Elizabeth Perkins Stanley Nichols) and their children. This newspaper article mentions that "Fine piano selections were given by Mrs. Nichols and Miss Lena Putnam."  I wonder if "Mrs. Nichols" was Lizzie, my great-grandmother, or her son William's wife, Nellie E. Nichols (my Nana, who supervised my piano practicing in the 1950's).

Among family papers I've found a few documents about the Danvers Women's Association, including this little booklet (4.5" x 6.5") from 1950/51:

In its address list of Active Members (pages 19-26), I find many relatives: Mrs. Annie Nichols Brewster, Miss Margaret A. Nichols, Miss Marion B. Nichols, and Nellie E. Nichols (Mrs. William S.).  Complimentary Members (page 27) include Bernice H. Nichols (Mrs. Andrew, 3rd) of 10 Berry St, and Miss Mary E. Nichols of 98 Preston St.

I'll add photos of the title page and list of Presidents (1882-1950)

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