Monday, July 8, 2013


I'm looking forward to a visit by my grandsons. I'm cleaning house and setting out special items they might enjoy. This morning I remembered the old "Bunnykins" bowls my sister and I had loved.  Only a few remain; I found them in a hidden corner of a cabinet, where they've been sitting unused for years. What fun to see them again!

As you can see, one bowl is very worn. I remember that one especially and am sure we used it daily for years.
To the Hunt Ball
The other bowl, a camping scene, looks newer and does not evoke strong childhood memories. It must have been acquired later, or was less popular with us.  I expect that my grandsons may like that one best.

We also had some wider, shallower bowls; I still have two of those, pictured here.

Does anyone else remember these bowls?  

Bath time for bunnykins
A special meal!

Above are close-ups of bunnykin scenes I recall so fondly.

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