Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!
   I hope Hurricane Sandy (no relation to me) didn't scare you, wreck your neighborhood, or leave you without power for very long.  Here in western Massachusetts the storm brought wind and rain, but not much damage. Our home lost power for only about an hour on Monday afternoon. Nevertheless, to be safe, our Mayor recommended that Halloween trick-or-treating be postponed until Saturday.
   This evening I will be participating in the Rag Shag Parade, a Halloween tradition in a neighboring community.  I play percussion in The Expandable Brass Band, and will wear one of my recent Halloween costumes.
    As a kid in Danvers I sometimes had trouble thinking up costumes ideas, and I was quite shy about dressing up or acting out.  Now in retirement I'm having a wonderful time prancing about costumes and marching in the street with this lively band of 15-20 musicians.  Fun!

    Recently a friend asked me for one of the Halloween stories I'd written about my father.  Hmm...  how to find it... that was a few years back (and linked in this blog). Aha!  I realized that I ought to have a SEARCH BOX on this blog. So this morning I figured out how to add one.  Try it!  Search for Halloween.  You'll find the stories I wrote in 2007 and 2008.  Have fun!

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