Sunday, December 4, 2011

TV Remotes

My first experience with a remotely-controlled television was startling and funny. I've written about it for this month's column, which is to be published in the Danvers Herald on December 8th:
TV Remotes and other memories.

While doing background research for this writing, I found a few relevant webpages about early TV equipment. For instance,

Erics Vintage TV Sets:

I also emailed my childhood friend Janet (Hoberg) Cantatore to ask what she remembered of the TV her family owned in the mid-1950's. It was bigger and fancier than any TV I had seen elsewhere, and had a remote control device, but otherwise I didn't recall much about it.

Janet and I rarely watched TV together at her house. She reminds me that her parents' rule was "no TV in the day time." She confirmed the type of TV they owned: a 1955 Zenith Flash-Matic. You can see an advertisement for it .

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