Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TV Test Patterns

Remember TV test patterns?  In the early years of television, we often had to wait for a program to come on.  All we got was an unmoving test screen or test pattern while we waited and w-a-i-t-e-d...

You can see some examples by following these links:

New England Television stations
Television Test Patterns
That Pesky Television Test Pattern
Indian Head Test Card

I am writing this month about my early experiences with television. Maybe I ought to post a test pattern while you wait for my column to appear in the newspaper. (The severe snow storm on October 29 knocked out power in my entire neighborhood for 3 days and we didn't have Internet service for 5 days, so there has been a slight delay in my production.) While waiting, you can view this photo of the snow woman I created in our yard:
October 30, 2011
in Holyoke, MA


Katley said...

I remember TV test patterns since I used to stay up late. TV stations went off the air around midnight.

How long was your power out? I was out from Saturday night until the following Friday. 6 1/2 days total.

Katley said...

Must have read this half asleep...I see your power was out for 3 days.