Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Do you remember the milkboxes that sat by our doorsteps?   Such a common item.  I was rather surprised to see one in a MUSEUM recently.  Good grief!  Am I getting old?

I took this photo to share with Danvers readers because it reminds me of another story from my youth. Stay tuned.   I had planned to write my August column about another raccoon...  But now the milkbox story has my attention.

[My column about Aunt Millie and the milkbox was published in the Danvers Herald August 5, 2010. See Milk box holds surprise for Aunt Millie.]

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Katley said...

I remember the milkman making the rounds when I was a little girl. The noise often woke me up from a sound sleep with the clanking of bottles as he made his rounds. Have to agree with you...are we getting that old :)