Monday, May 3, 2010

Bottle Caps

Did you ever collect bottle caps?  My sister and I did.  I've written about my collecting experience in this month's column, which you can read on the Danvers Herald site: How I lost my bottle cap collection

While writing the column, I tried to find an illustration of the cap I most prized.  No luck yet, but I did find some extensive online collections of caps.  If you are interested in the hobby, take a look at these sites:

Bottle Cap O-Rama

The Bottle Cap Man

The Beauty of Bottle Caps (close up of 5 examples) Happy collecting!


Ken Harstine said...

The special bottle cap was probably from Miller High Life Beer. Miller has used a women sitting on a crescent moon as a trademark.

Sandy said...

Thanks, Ken. The image on the link you provided doesn't have the blue background I recall, but the clue of Miller's helped me find some blue examples on another website. (July 2010)

In April 2011 an experienced bottle cap collector sent this message, confirming Miller High Life:

"The picturesque bottle cap with the girl in the crescent moon was an early version of Miller High Life. "