Thursday, November 5, 2009

Middle School Transformation

My column for this month reflects on the transformations seen and experienced at Danvers Middle School: "Transformations great at old Danvers schools".

Photographs of the Richmond, Holton, and new Middle School architecture can be seen in my online album:
Preserving Old With New.

I thank Principal Michael Cali for taking me on an informative tour and answering my many questions about the project. My specific reason for requesting the tour was to learn about this example of combining new and old architecture. I hope that this example will help inspire preservation during renovation/expansion of an historic library building in my current community.


Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

You've recieved the "Kreative Blogger" award!

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Sandy said...

Thanks, Heather. I hope you enjoy my latest post, called Other Transformations. I felt creative as I selected photos and composed text to express my experiences visiting Danvers.
I did visit your blog and read many entries. I'm more interested in the history of your family than I am in following the rules of the 'Kreativ Blogger' process, which reminds me too much of a chain letter.
You've written some wonderful stories about your ancestors. Keep up the good work!'
- Sandy