Monday, February 5, 2007

The idea

The idea of writing a series of stories about my Danvers experiences was suggested by my good friend Peggy Melanson in January 2007. Peggy is a professional storyteller and writer. I attended a storytelling workshop she led in 2005. She encouraged us all to think of stories we might tell; I created and told a funny little story about one Halloween in Danvers with my father. Peggy is still trying to encourage me to write that one down. Maybe someday I will. Meanwhile, I've been writing other pieces for a "Fun with Writing" class I joined in 2006. Last month I sent one such piece to Peggy, and she reacted with a recommendation that I submit the story to The Danvers Herald.

What a idea! Share my writings with people in my former hometown? Write for a Danvers audience? I hadn't considered that before. Nor was I expecting to write for publication. Quite a surprising and delightful idea. THANKS, Peggy.

The idea appealed to me, perhaps because I had once (seven years ago) had an informal plan to write about the history of a place in Danvers where I played as a child. I wanted to invite others to add their stories to that history, but I hadn't yet initiated that project. Now, thanks to Peggy and her persistent follow-through (in contacting the Editor of The Danvers Herald and recommending me as a writer), I am on a verge of becoming a newspaper columnist! I've named the column "Remembering Danvers" and created this blog to accompany it.

While you're waiting for my column to start, I recommend that you visit Peggy's website and enjoy her stories.


forbes said...

hi i am a graduate of the university of nichols st.#40 i am bob kennnedy we skied owith the rope tow with our parents

Sandy said...

Thanks for your comment. So many people experienced that rope tow!

I hope you enjoy my February 2008 column about learning to ski there.